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What Factors Cause Biometric Systems to Fail?

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What Factors Cause Biometric Systems to Fail?

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Biometric system performance varies according to sample quality and the environment in which the sample is being submitted. While it is not possible to definitely state if a biometric submission will be successful, it is possible to locate factors that can reduce affect system performance. 

The IBG Strike System details, technology-by-technology, aspects that work against a successful verification. Some of these strikes are listed below.


  • Cold finger 

  • Dry/oily finger 

  • High or low humidity 

  • Angle of placement 

  • Pressure of placement 

  • Location of finger on platen (poorly placed core) 

  • Cuts to fingerprint 

  • Manual activity that would mar or affect fingerprints (construction, gardening) 

Voice recognition

  • Cold or illness that affects voice

  • Different enrollment and verification capture devices

  • Different enrollment and verification environments (inside vs. outside)

  • Speaking softly

  • Variation in background noise

  • Poor placement of microphone / capture device 

  • Quality of capture device 


  • Too much movement of head or eye

  • Glasses

  • Colored contacts


  • Too much movement of head or eye

  • Glasses

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