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What is Fingerprint Scanning ?

Practical Applications for Fingerprint Scanning 

Accuracy And Integrity

Fingerprint Matching :

Fingerprint Classification :

Fingerprint Image Enhancement :

Biometrics VS. Non Biometrics Fingerprinting

Fingerprint Market Size

Fingerprint Growth Drivers And Enablers 

Fingerprint Growth Inhibitors


Fingerprint Feature Extraction

Fingerprint Form Factors

Types of scanners: Optical - Silicon - Ultrasound


Fingerprint Recognition

Practical Applications for Fingerprint Scanning 

 There are a greater variety of fingerprint devices available than any other biometric. Fingerprint recognition is the front-runner for mass-market biometric-ID systems.
Fingerprint scanning has a high accuracy rate when users are sufficiently educated. Fingerprint authentication is a good choice for in-house systems where enough training can be provided to users and where the device is operated in a controlled environment. The small size of the fingerprint scanner, ease of integration - can be easily adapted to keyboards, and most significantly the relatively low costs make it an affordable, simple choice for workplace access security.
Plans to integrate fingerprint scanning technology into laptops using biometric technology include a single chip using more than 16,000 location elements to map a fingerprint of the living cells that lay below the top layers of dead skin. Therefore, the reading is still detectable if the finger has calluses, is damaged, worn, soiled, moist, dry or otherwise hard-to-read finger surfaces--a common obstacle. This subsurface capability eliminates any attainment or detection failures.


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