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Biometric systems convert data derived from behavioral or physiological characteristics into templates, which are used for subsequent matching. This is a multi-stage process whose stages are described below.  

Enrollment - The process whereby a user’s initial biometric sample or samples are collected, assessed, processed, and stored for ongoing use in a biometric system. Enrollment takes place in both 1:1 and 1:N systems. If users are experiencing problems with a biometric system, they may need to re-enroll to gather higher quality data. 

Submission - The process whereby a user provides behavioral or physiological data in the form of biometric samples to a biometric system. A submission may require looking in the direction of a camera or placing a finger on a platen. Depending on the biometric system, a user may have to remove eyeglasses, remain still for a number of seconds, or recite a pass phrase in order to provide a biometric sample. 

Acquisition device – The hardware used to acquire biometric samples. The following acquisition devices are associated with each biometric technology:

Technology Acquisition Device
Fingerprint Desktop peripheral, PCMCIA card, mouse, chip or reader embedded in keyboard
Voice recognition Microphone, telephone
Facial recognition Video camera, PC camera, single-image camera
Iris-scan Infrared-enabled video camera, PC camera
Retina-scan Proprietary desktop or wall-mountable unit
Hand geometry Proprietary wall-mounted unit
Signature-scan Signature tablet, motion-sensitive stylus 
Keystroke-scan Keyboard or keypad

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