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Physiological or Behavioral

Verification vs. Identification


Biometrics Technologies

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Are Biometric Systems Difficult to Use?

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What Factors Cause Biometric Systems to Fail?

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Biometrics Technologies


The primary biometric disciplines include the following:

  • Fingerprint (optical, silicon, ultrasound, touch less)

  • Facial recognition (optical and thermal)

  • Voice recognition (not to be confused with speech recognition)

  • Iris-scan

  • Retina-scan

  • Hand geometry

  • Signature-scan

  • Keystroke-scan

  • Palm-scan (forensic use only)  

Disciplines with reduced commercial viability or in exploratory stages include:

  • DNA

  • Ear shape

  • Odor (human scent)

  • Vein-scan (in back of hand or beneath palm)

  • Finger geometry (shape and structure of finger or fingers)

  • Nailbed identification (ridges in fingernails)

  • Gait recognition (manner of walking)

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