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Physiological or Behavioral

Verification vs. Identification


Biometrics Technologies

How it works


Are Biometric Systems Difficult to Use?

Security of Biometrics           Template

What Factors Cause Biometric Systems to Fail?

Application design




For employers

Reduced costs password maintenance
Reduced costs no buddy punching
Increased security no shared or compromised passwords
Increased security deter and detect fraudulent account access
Increased security no badge sharing in secure areas
Competitive advantage familiarity with advanced technology

For employees

Convenience no passwords to remember or reset
Convenience faster login
Security confidential files can be stored securely
Non-repudiation biometrically transactions difficult to refute

For consumers

Convenience no passwords to remember or reset
Security personal files, including emails, can be secured
Security online purchases safer when enabled by biometric
Privacy ability to transact anonymously  

For retailers (online and point-of-sale)

Reduced costs biometric users less likely to commit fraud
Competitive advantage first to offer secure transaction method
Security account access much more secure than via password

For public sector usage

Reduced costs strongest way to detect and deter benefits fraud
Increased trust reduced entitlement abuse


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