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Application design

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As in all good application designs, it is the business process requirements which should drive the design - not the other way around. Similarly the specific type of biometric chosen, i.e., fingerprints, iris codes, hand geometry etc. should reflect the application requirements - the application should not be a slave to an individual biometric methodology.

A successful application development and deployment scenario may follow a path something like the following;

Identify the business and operational requirements clearly, together with any current problems and the effect they are having on the situation.

Develop and agree a suitable business process which has the potential to significantly improve on the current situation, given the current state of technology.

Quantify the operational logistics such as (in an access control context) number of people, time profile / distribution of transactions, type of entry point, target transaction time, environmental considerations, availability and profile of system operators and so on.

Analyze existing situation and processes in order to identify legacy requirements and system interaction - it may be necessary to retain or assure compatibility with certain existing processes.

Design a system architecture which accounts for all of the above whilst remaining open for future development and enhancement.

Design an operating methodology and user interface which satisfies the above requirements in an intuitive and attractive manner.

Choose the appropriate front end technology accordingly (i.e., biometric / biometric and chip card etc.) ensuring that the biometric methodology is the most suitable for this application.

Interface the biometric / token technology with your system.

Thoroughly test and document the system in house before demonstrating the system to the client and agreeing and documenting any design changes.

Develop and schedule an operator training programme together with the provision of system manuals as necessary.

Install and commission the system having surveyed the site and noted relevant conditions and with due consideration to existing systems.

Hand over the system after ensuring that operators have a comprehensive understanding of the functionality and that all operating data is present and correct.

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