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What is Fingerprint Scanning ?

Practical Applications for Fingerprint Scanning 

Accuracy And Integrity

Fingerprint Matching :

Fingerprint Classification :

Fingerprint Image Enhancement :

Biometrics VS. Non Biometrics Fingerprinting

Fingerprint Market Size

Fingerprint Growth Drivers And Enablers 

Fingerprint Growth Inhibitors


Fingerprint Feature Extraction

Fingerprint Form Factors

Types of scanners: Optical - Silicon - Ultrasound


Fingerprint Recognition

Accuracy And Integrity

 With any security system, users will wonder, can fingerprint recognition system be beaten? In most cases, false negatives (a failure to recognize a legitimate user) are more likely than false positives. Overcoming a fingerprint system by presenting it with a "false or fake" fingerprint is likely to be a difficult deed. However, such scenarios will be tried, and the sensors on the market use a variety of means to circumvent them. For instance, someone may attempt to use latent print residue on the sensor just after a legitimate user accesses the system. At the other end of the scale, there is the gruesome possibility of presenting a finger to the system that is no longer connected to its owner. Therefore, sensors attempt to determine whether a finger is live, and not made of latex (or worse). Detectors for temperature, blood-oxygen level, pulse, blood flow, humidity, or skin conductivity would be integrated.

Unfortunately, no technology is perfect--false positives and spoiled readings do occur from time to time. But for those craving to break free from the albatross that the password has become as both a security and time-management issue fingerprint scanners are worth looking into. It is estimated that 40 percent of helpdesk calls are password related. Whether incorporated into the keyboard or mouse, or used as a standalone device, scanners are more affordable than ever, allow encryption of files keyed to a fingerprint, and can, perhaps most importantly, help minimize stress over that stolen laptop.



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